They had five children – Flora, Emilio, Felipe, Avelino and Pastora

From the information I have I know Flora and Emilio did not have any children, but I can’t tell if either one of them was ever married.

Felipe (my grandfather) married my grandmother Marina Borragero Castillo and they had twelve children – they were very busy:

Trinidad (1900 – Titín)
Ana (1902 – died in infancy)
Emilia (1903 – Mimí)
Antonio (1904)
Felipe (1905)
Santiago (1906 – my father)
Irmina (1907)
Maria Luisa (1909 –  Tia Viva)
Ana (1910 – died in infancy)
Avelino (1911)
Flora (1912)
Irene (1913 – Chunita)

Avelino married Maria Reynoso and they had no children.

Pastora married Jose Santaballa and had one daughter – Flora (Tía Florita).

I don’t have a lot of information about my great grandparents and grandparents, but will share what I know in future blogs.  My mother used to have a picture of my paternal grandparents with their first child (Titín) – sadly it was washed out by Hurricane Andrew.  I understand there is another copy in existence in Cuba.  I hope to be able to get a copy some day.  My wonderful aunts and uncles will be featured individually.  I treasure their memory and their love.