Monsisbat is an unusual last name.  I don’t think I have ever heard of it except as it relates to our ancestors.  I decided to search the Internet in order to find out its origin.  Interestingly, the only thing that came up was an article from a publication about municipalities of Matanzas.  My grandfather’s brother, Avelino Hernandez Monsisbat was mayor of Marti from 1901 to 1908.  He was also named administrator of the Mendoza’s sugar refinery where he did a lot of good, but the article states that as a mayor he did not do much for the Municipality of Marti since his interest was mainly in agriculture.  The article is in Spanish –


I have an update from Alcira regarding the name Monsisbat.  The original name which is French was Monsisbeau – when our ancestor moved to Spain it was changed to Monsisbat for ease of pronunciation.  This information was given to her either by her father (Tío Antonio) or Mimí.