Trinidad (Titín)
Born September 27, 1900
Died in 1971

Trinidad was the oldest of the Hernandez Borragero brood.  She was called Tin by her siblings – when the nieces and nephews came Tía Tin became Titín.

I left Cuba when I was twelve so I didn’t get to know her as an adult.  From my perspective it looked as if she wanted to appear stern and a bit grumpy – but I know she wasn’t.  She and two of her sisters, Maria Luisa (Viva) and Emilia (Mimí), collectively “Las Titín,” lived in an apartment in Havana where they ran their business creating and sewing exquisite bridal gowns and lingerie.  It was an absolute joy to visit them.  Any time you dropped in, Titín would whip up a meal fit for a king including her famous arroz con na(da).

She was always ready to pitch in and help out her siblings taking care of nieces and nephews.  Both my grandmothers were gone by the time I was born.  Titín and Mimí were aunts sprinkled with grandmotherly love.  Maybe because they were fifteen and thirteen respectively when their mother died and there were 8 younger siblings in need of care.

My mother told me that one time when Wichy was a baby and Titín was taking care of him she set him down on the bed and turned to take a magazine from the nightstand.  In that split second Wichy fell off the bed.  She picked him up and ran to her saying:  “Lola te lo he matado.”  (Lola, I have killed him).  She kept holding on to him and would not let my mother check to see if he was OK.  Obviously he was fine.

She also helped take care of the next generation and would get nervous with Marina’s twins not sure of which one she had already fed.  We’ll never know if one of them was going hungry while the other one was getting a double helping.