My beautiful cousin Violeta on her wedding day

The first cousin of my generation – let’s celebrate this landmark birthday – I wish her a very happy day, much health and many blessings. 

Violeta came to work in Matanzas and she lived with us.  In Matanzas she met her husband Jesus and their courting days were spent at our house. 

She was not too crazy about me in those days.  As a matter of fact the only reason I know she knew my name is because one day as I was passing by her room she called my name in a panic.  She was being cornered by a roach and she asked me to kill it for her.  I was a brave little girl because I did as I was told.  Now when I see a roach I scream and run  for my life.

After she was married, she would come to Mima’s beauty shop and be very nice to me which surprised me.  As an adult I think I have figured out why she disliked me so.  It is possible that Wichy and I peeking from behind the door into the living room as she and Jesus looked adoringly into each other’s eyes had a lot to do with it.

She has two terrific daughters – Tania and Lety, four grandchildren and three great grandchildren.  Jesus passed away and he is still very much missed.

Handsome couple – don’t you agree?