My sister Lolita
International Center-Milwaukee, Wisconsin –  representing Latin America
(too much beauty for just one country)

Having a sister is a privilege.  Having a sister like mine is a blessing.  There are many stories to tell.  In our early years I was the little pest that followed her around and she played many tricks on me taking advantage of my innocence.  I will reveal some of them eventually.  I have the advantage now – I have a great memory and recall how she tortured me.  However, whatever mischief came from me, I’ll keep to myself.

Lolita and me – She may disown me for this one

As a little girl I looked up to her, but never more than for a period of six months when at sixteen she became my parent and my protector.  From the moment we were at the airport leaving Cuba until we were reunited with Mima six months later she was my strength.  Our brothers were with us, but went separate ways, Lolita was my constant and my link to love and security.  Many things happened in that period of time including the loss of our father.  A new country, new experiences and a whole new language were made easier by knowing she was by my side.  Through the years we have shared much happiness and much sorrow. 

But today is a day to celebrate and be joyful because one October 8th my dear sister came into this world to make it a better place.

My father had a photographer take this picture during Los Carnavales after we had been running around all day – this picture represents us so well to this day – Lolita was still neat and put together – I, on the other hand was falling apart and stepping on my skirt.  But even here there is that protective if somewhat reluctant hand.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLITA! –  I hope you are enjoying the beauty of Maine in the fall as well as some delicious lobster (if there is such a thing – there is no seafood lover in me).

Love you!

Linsi/Camu (your favorite sister)