Born July 20, 1905
Died in the 1960’s

Tío Felipe lived in Santiago de Cuba and I only saw him when he came to Matanzas which was not often.  He was taller than Tío Antonio and more serious, but I think there was a strong resemblance.  They were the same age for one day a year.  His wife Margarita Macias was tall as well and had a beautiful smile and I remember her being very sweet to me.

They had five sons:  Armando, Felipe, Santiago, Pedro and Jorge Luis, except for Armando and Jorge Luis not necessarily in that order.  I understand they kept trying for a girl. 

I only remember Armandito and Jorge Luis.  Armandito was very handsome and I remember his first visit.  Shortly after he was married and came to visit us with his wife.  Jorge Luis came with Tío Felipe when I was about 11.  Jorge Luis was thirteen, very nice and very, very tall.  Memories of earlier visits are very vague, but I do remember always being very happy to see them.

Every year we would get a most welcome crate of mangos filipinos from Oriente (from Tío Felipe and Tío Avelino) which we thoroughly enjoyed.

I know that both Armandito and Jorge Luis have passed away, but don’t have information about the others.

I know Felipito visited us at one time, but I was very little.  I was told that I would say I didn’t like him “porque me da pesquillitos” (because he pinched me – but I mispronounced the word).

I plan to get better information about Tío Felipe and his family from other cousins and will share what I learn in the future.  I also hope to come across some pictures.  I am still searching…