In the spirit of Halloween I will share some stories I have heard through the years that deal with the supernatural or at least don’t have a “logical” explanation.   Some are just plain fun.

First I will share a personal one.  Back in 1972 very very late at night I was in the kitchen washing dishes and speaking to my husband Bob.  All of the sudden we heard three distinct knocks on the door to the attic.  We turned to look and the door slowly opened.  Nervously I said – “must be the wind.”  But I knew that was no wind.  Bob said to me, “I think it’s one of your relatives, maybe your father.”  I said – “No, I am thinking my godfather…”  Just then I looked at the clock and it was midnight – June 14, 1972 exactly one year since my godfather (Tío Carlos) died.

I remember Tia Irmina telling me about her experience with the Ouija board.  She was recently married and was playing with the Ouija board with some friends.  There was a message directed to her telling her that although her husband could be difficult, she should be patient with him.  They asked who was sending the message and a name was given.  She said she didn’t know who that was and got a message back “Yes, you do.”  Later she found out that was the name of her husband’s grandmother who had passed away.

My mother’s aunt Rosalia was her grandmother’s child from a second marriage.  She was not much older than Tía Elvirita and they were very close.  They both were already married with children when there was an epidemic and they both were ill (I am not sure what the illness was).  When she was convalescing the family went to visit Rosalia who was very ill.  Tía Elvirita was having trouble falling asleep and kept tossing, turning and looking at the clock.  Suddenly she saw a misty shadow glide across the room and only then was she able to fall asleep.  The next day she found out that Rosalia had passed away the night before at the precise time she saw the shadow.

Tía Cary had many experiences with ghosts.  In the house where she lived when she was first married she would frequently see the ghost of a woman.  She described the woman to one of my father’s sisters and she told her that the description fit that of her Aunt Flora who had once lived in that house.

Tía Cary used her ability to amuse herself.  My mother told me that one evening when she was at our house, they were in the living room talking late at night – all of the sudden she looked passed her and said:  “Lola, who is that woman?”  My mother jumped up from her chair giving Tía Cary a good laugh.

At her house one night wearing a white nightgown she was walking back to the bedroom from the bathroom in the dark and saw her husband (Tío Luis) in the hallway walking towards her.  She saw the panic in his eyes and she just kept walking without saying a word.  In the dark he did not realize it was her.  He kept his eyes on her as he tried to reach for something to hit her with when she saw he was grabbing a pole, she finally spoke – “Luis, what’s the matter?”  He later said he was so frightened that had he had his gun he would have shot her.

Well, I must go now and tune up my broom for tonight’s flight.