I believe in the communion of the saints and I count on their prayers for me in times of need.  I count many of them as my friends. There are some I keep very busy.  I actually think St. Anthony gets tired of me – being a disorganized person I constantly lose/misplace things even when I put them in a safe place and he if my saint of choice for those occasions.  When he doesn’t come through for me I ask my daughter Veronica to use her influence.  Maybe it is because she was born on his feast day, but her prayer carries a lot of weight.

On this day I would like to share some family stories about answers to prayers.

I have two stories Tía Irmina shared with me:

She had not been able to conceive when she prayed to St. Therese of Lisieux (Santa Teresita in Spanish) for a baby.  It is said that St. Therese will give you a sign with roses when the prayer will be answered.  One day there was a knock at her door with a delivery of a dozen roses.  They had the wrong address, but the message was clear.  Soon her beloved daughter Teresita was born.

Years later Tía Irmina was suffering from depression.  Both her children had been born by this time.  She needed to get them shoes and she couldn’t bring herself to leave the house.  Her sister Viva went to the Shrine of La Caridad del Cobre.  She asked Our Lady to pray for her sister’s healing.  After her visit she had dream where Our Lady told her that her prayers had been heard and she asked her to have a silver medal made in the shape of a triangle with her image.  She went to a jeweler with the request and he told her that the triangle represents the Holy Trinity, something she did not know.  Tía Irmina overcame her depression.  Many years later when I was going through a trying time in my life, she sent me this medal which I kept for a period of time.  I understand that not too long before she died it was lost during a hospital stay.  I think the medal had served its purpose for our family and I hope that whoever found it has experienced its healing power.

Mima and St. Jude

While my siblings and I were waiting to leave Cuba, we were staying at Tío Pepito and Tía Irmina’s apartment in Havana.  My parents thought it best to file our papers in Havana since they did not want people in Matanzas to know our plans.  So their address was used.  They were also getting ready to leave, but filed their papers a month after we did.  Their departure was approved before ours and they left for the U.S.  Two months later once we got our approval and were at the airport ready to leave, officials demanded to see rent receipts for the past three years.   There was no way we could come up with those.

Bottom line -we were not leaving.  We were already inside the gate behind glass doors when all this was happening.  On the outside my parents were desperate.  I understand Mima even ripped a guy’s shirt trying to get his attention.  Their word was final, we were not allowed to leave.  In the midst of this one woman yelled to her – “Señora, récele a San Judas!” (Lady, pray to St. Jude!).  Mima was not familiar with St. Jude (patron of hopeless cases), but she said she went by a staircase close by and sat on the steps and began to pray as best she could.  To this day I don’t know exactly what happened, but we were allowed to leave.  My parents actually were able to get inside the gate for a final good bye.  My only regret is that I did not get a chance to kiss Papi one more time – they pushed him out before I could.  I can still envision his face through the glass – the last time I would ever see him in this life.

Needless to say, from that day forward Mima had a great devotion to St. Jude.  I keep his statue in my room.

BirthdayIn memoriam – On this day in 1945 Germancito (son of German & Zoila) was born – sadly he passed away much to soon in March of 1995.

God’s blessings to all