Avelino Hernandez Borragero
Born:  February 8, 1911
Died in the 1960’s or 1970’s

Tío Avelino lived in La Maya, Oriente.  He was married to Beatriz Macias.  Margarita, Tío Felipe’s wife, was her sister.  They had four children:  Marina, Avelinito, María Luisa and Jose Antonio – their ages coincided with those of my siblings and me except that theirs were girl, boy, girl, boy and we were boy, girl, boy, girl.  Even though my memory of his visits is hazy since they happened when I was very little, I do remember his face very well.  There was something about his eyes that reminded me of Irene (Chunita), the youngest sister.  I don’t have any pictures of him.

Tío Avelino was known for being easy going and fun loving.  He loved telling jokes and Tía Beatriz was his best audience, laughing at every joke no matter how many times she heard it.  It is no surprise that Manolito, Marina’s husband is also known for his joke telling skills.  Mima used to tell me that her grandsons Nacho and David reminded her of Tio Avelino.

Not too long before we left Cuba Tío Avelino’s daughter Marina came to stay with us for a few months.  Tía Beatriz came right before we left to take her back home and stayed with us for a while.  At this time in Matanzas you could only buy live chickens, leaving the purchaser to do the gruesome job of killing, cleaning, etc.  While I was staying in Havana they bought a chicken that was not immediately processed for food and left to roam around.  Marina, my sister and Elita (a Corzo cousin) named him Hector.  They all loved Hector and he became a sort of pet.  I came to Matanzas and I was not very fond of Hector.  Maybe because he was not very fond of me.  He would chase me and try to peck my feet all the time and I loathed him.  I went back to Havana before Hector was executed.  But I heard that the girls refused to eat him, but Tía Beatriz had no problem partaking in the feast.  Way to go Tía Beatriz!!!

Hector before

Hector after

Marina has been in Miami for many years and Tía Beatriz who is in her 90’s lives with them.  Maria Luisa and her family recently came to live in Miami as well.  Both of the boys, Avelinito and Jose Antonio have passed away.

Birthday today:  Luis Corzo Bolaños (son of Germancito, grandson of Tío Germán)