Nieves Flora Hernandez Borragero
Born: August 5, 1912
Married to:  Gregorio Garcia (Tio Goyo)
Died:  March 6, 1985

Tia Flora was born on the feast of Our Lady of the Snows (Nuestra Señora de las Nieves) and was named Nieves Flora, but was always known by her middle name.  Some times her sisters would call her Fitan.  I am not sure of the reason behind this nickname.  Perhaps some of my cousins know the story.  I always welcome new information as well as any corrections if there are questions regarding the facts as I know them.

Tía Flora and Tío Goyo were so much a part of my early childhood.  They lived in Matanzas so I would see them very often.  Many evenings they would come over and watch TV with us.  I would frequently go to their house where I felt very much at home.

Tia Flora’s culinary skills amazed me.  She would make delicious candy with such ease.  For Nochebuena she would prepare a deboned stuffed turkey that always left me in awe.  You could swear that the bones were still inside until it was sliced.  What I remember the most about her is that she did everything with so much love and so much joy.  She had the Hernandez singing talent which I am afraid I inherited, not only a bit of trouble getting the tune, but also the ability to completely change the lyrics with interesting results.  My father was a wiz at this as well.

I am proud to say that I was always told I looked like her and can only hope that I may have just half of her inner beauty, kindness and candor.  Tio Goyo was very special to me as well and I have so many wonderful memories of the two of them that cannot possibly be covered in just one post.

They had two children, Ricardito and Marina.  Ricardito and his wife Carmencita live here in Miami.  Marina and her family live in Cuba.  I have been corresponding with their granddaughter, Marina’s youngest daughter Lissette, via e-mail and she has shared some pictures with me.  I am posting some below.  There are many more that I will post in the future.

Tia Flora’s living room – so many memories!

Tia Flora and Tio Goyo on their wedding day (above and below)

They came here for a visit in 1983.  Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to spend much time with them and was not able to spend Nochebuena with them, but I am glad I got to see them again.  Tia Flora passed away less than two years later.

My dear aunt and uncle

Tio Goyo lived to celebrate his 100th birthday and died short of his 101st.

Tio Goyo and Marina on his 100th birthday

It is my prayer that the happiness and joy they brought to others is being richly rewarded in their heavenly home.

Birthday:  Carlos Corzo Bacallao, son of Tío Carlos and Tía María