Her Majesty Elvie Marie Ebert
Birthday Queen

One lovely December 5 I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  I was very young and had absolutely no experience taking care of babies.  The first time I had to change her I was so frustrated that Mima had to take over and I sat down and cried.  It was in the days of diaper service and I had gotten four weeks of diaper service as a gift .  They were fitted diapers and they had sent me the wrong size, they were big enough to use as a blanket.  Mima did some magic folding.  The next day I called and they sent me the correct size.

Together Elvie and I learned from each other.   As a matter of fact, we are still learning.  The most beautiful discoveries are the amazing mother daughter bond and the joy of watching her become a wonderful young woman and still remain my little girl.


She is an avid doll collector and her collection has some very interesting new additions.


She is very creative.  Her Halloween customs always win prizes.


She makes lovely jewelry and I am very proud of her Etsy store – Señorita Whiskers (photos by her sister Veronica).

Elvie – May God bless you on your birthday and always.  You know I love you.

Moo (a.k.a. Bionicmoo)