Today I would like to wish very happy birthdays to three wonderful people who have been great additions to the extended Hernandez family.

First – there is Publio whose love for my dear cousin Alcira took him to the icy cold state of Wisconsin where they were married.  They did escape to Miami for a few years, but Wisconsin yearned for their warmth and called them back to be close to their daughter Gloria and her beautiful family.  He is definitely an integral part of the family.

Alcira and Publio

Second – there is Charito, married to my very special cousin Tony Hernandez, Alcira’s brother.  Charito brought so much love and caring into the family that I am not sure how we ever got along without her.

Charito and Tony

Last but definitely not least, there is Nikki (nee Almazan), married to my oldest nephew Chago.  She has definitely given her own unique signature to the family as well as her contribution to the continuity of the lineage with two beautiful children – Lucas and Gianna.

Chago, Nikki, Lucas and Gianna
(scarecrow in the background not related)

May the three of you have a most wonderful and joyous birthday – Celebrate!!!