Twas three days after Christmas, and in my house alone
a full day of laundry was the thing to be done.
As I filled up the washer with as much as I could
I noticed my dress didn’t smell like it should.
I ran to my room where I rapidly changed,
then threw in my dress to be washed and made clean.
I was sure that my day would turn out to be keen.

I did this and did that till the cycles were finished.
Then I walked to the washer and, I opened the lid
I moved the wet clothes one by one to the dryer
Then I saw what I saw – it was sad, it was dire.
At the end, sad and lonely like a poor little elf,
There it was, to my horror, my cell phone itself

While words I don’t say danced through my head.
I picked up the phone with unspeakable dread.
What to do? What to do in a case such as this?
I recalled the survival of a few cell phones past.
And a bowl of raw rice may just to the trick
As long as I acted very fast, very quick.

So as we speak, in a bowl of parboiled rice,
sits my beautiful cell phone as I pray for its healing.
St. Isidore of Seville hear my humble request
please let my cell phone survive this  one test.
As I try to understand what this could all mean.
I just rest reassured that my dress is now clean.