As 2011 begun I was recovering from pneumonia which made for a very quiet 2010 holiday season.  This was the year I planned for my early retirement.  After 27 years in the same company it was hard to be enthusiastic about my job, plus the fact that although there are benefits to working for the same company for a long time, there is also the fact that you become a fixture and your experience and efforts are just taken for granted.

So at the end of April I was a free woman.  It was great not having to get up so early and I certainly did not miss (and still don’t miss) the commute.  A few months of leisure were a dream come true.  My plan was to eventually work part time, or from home if I could.  But, as it often happens, God had other plans and in August I had a heart attack.  That is definitely a life changing experience.  All my plans went out the window and I had to put all my efforts into my recovery.  This new chapter of my life has not been easy.  After so many years of structure and, whether I liked it or not, knowing what I must do and what was expected of me, having to reinvent myself is a task that I dread, but something I must do.  So it is my prayer that God will guide me in the New Year.

The year 2011 also brought a lot of joy.  In January my dear niece Carolina and her husband Victor were blessed with a bundle of cuteness with their son Victor Santiago.

Victor Santiago

In April my nephew Chago and his wife Nikki were blessed as well with a new addition to their family, their beautiful baby daughter Gianna.


My daughter Veronica became engaged to her long time friend Patricio Padua and we will soon begin the plans for their wedding.  It is an additional blessing that Pat is very dear to me.

I have started to correspond via e-mail with my cousin Marina’s daughter Lissette who lives in Cuba.  Her grandparents Tia Flora and Tio Goyo were both such a part of my childhood and I loved them both so much and this connection makes me feel their presence.  Lissette is a very faithful correspondent.

Lissette with her twin sisters Laura and Lourdes

I am truly blessed with two wonderful daughters, a sister that is also my friend, good friends and family including Santiago’s children who are making sure to keep the Hernandez-Corzo lineage alive and well.

Santiago’s children and grandchildren at Gianna’s baptism

Farewell 2011 – all in all, you’ve been a good year!