Today our lovely bunny Lady Boo passed away.  We were blessed to have her with us for over 11 years.  We are not sure how old she was.  She was at least one year old when we got her as a companion for our magical bunny Thurber.  She had been abandoned twice.

Thurber and Lady Boo

Lady Eowyn was her actual name, but Lady Boo fit her so well.  She was feisty, the cats feared her and knew better than to mess with her.  She ruled.  She mellowed just a tiny bit in the last couple of years, but she still stood her ground.  In the last few weeks her body started to shut down, but her soul was still vibrant.  She could not move her hips, but she still could move a little and eat on her own, but a couple of days ago even that became difficult.  We held her, made sure she was clean and comfortable, had to mix her food in the blender and feed her with a syringe.  This morning I tried to feed her and she looked at me as if saying – don’t waste your time.  I held her for a while.  I knew time was running out.  I woke up Veronica because I knew that although she would be devastated, she would want to be with her.  Veronica held her and slowly and peacefully she crossed over to be with her beloved Thurber and her good pal Chesterton.  She leaves behind her adoring companion E.B. who is now in great need of our love and attention.

Chesterton and E.B.

Farewell Lady Boo and thank you for all the love and joy you gave us.