Santiago (12 years old)

My brother Santiago is remembered by many.  He was loved and cherished by his wife and children and is still missed by his extended family and close friends.

Growing up I always looked up to him.  There are many memories, but today on the anniversary of his passing I will share this one:

It was the first day I joined the family at the breakfast table as I recovered from the measles.  Suddenly I had a strange and unknown feeling in my stomach.  Thinking a glass of water would help, I got up and walked towards the refrigerator.  As I opened the door I began to faint.  Before I hit the floor Santiago’s arms caught me and he carried me and put me down on my bed as the whole family followed.  When I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was his concerned and loving face, the face I miss and hope to see when we meet again.

Chichí, I love you!