There is a Hernandez and a Corzo birthday on this date.  What do they have in common besides being related to me?  They were born in cold, cold, icy cold Milwaukee.  I don’t really remember what the weather was like on the days of their respective births, but I do know that Milwaukee in January can only be freezing cold.  Michelle now resides in Orlando.  Although Nicole moved to Miami with her parents as a child, she managed to get back to Milwaukee where she will be celebrating this day in very chilly weather.

Representing the Hernandez – Michelle Rueda

Michelle and Aixa (Rudy?)

Lolita and I were excited to go to the hospital to visit Aixa and to meet her first born.  However, we did not know the room number and asked the receptionist, who, by the way, changed the name to “Rudy,” and she would not let us go up because they already had some visitors.  We had to sit at the reception and wait.  As we waited, the whole Milwaukee Cuban community paraded by us and went directly to the elevator because they knew the room number.  Finally when a few of the many visitors left, the receptionist allowed us to go visit “Rudy.”  Michelle, it was worth the wait and I hope you have a wonderful birthday – I am sure you will and I will be exhausted just reading about it in Facebook – I truly envy your energy!

Representing the Corzos – Nicole (Weisflog) Winchester

Clara and Nicole

We went to visit Clara at the hospital to meet her first born and, I am proud to say, my goddaughter.  I was married at the time and my husband Bob was obsessed with any and all end of the world theories.   I can’t remember exactly which was the theory of that time, but he kept ranting about it.  Clara, beaming with happiness from the birth of her first child, began to look awfully depressed.  I had to intervene – I told him – “Bob, this girl just had a baby she has hopes and dreams for the future, please let it go!”  Nicole, I am so happy he was wrong and that you are now the proud mother of two absolutely beautiful little girls with a third one soon to join your lovely family.  Have a very happy birthday and many, many, many more!!!