One wonderful January 31 in Matanzas, Cuba, beautiful Tania was born.  I remember my mother being elated that she was a great aunt (a very youthful great aunt mind you) and that she was to be that precious baby’s godmother.  Unfortunately, as Tania got a little older she developed a great dislike for Mima and the day of her baptism being held by Mima was pure torture.  She cried through most of the ceremony.  She would quiet down a bit when she looked at her godfather, but when she turned back and looked at Mima it would start all over again.  She did enjoy the salt.  I found it all very funny.

Tania’s Baptism

To my delight she actually really liked me and it was my joy to entertain her when Violeta came to have her hair done.  She soon got over her dislike for Mima and she grew to appreciate her awesome godmother.

Although I didn’t see her for a few years after I left Cuba.  Her family came to live in Wisconsin and there our bond was sealed for life.

Tania and family – Mitchell Park, Milwaukee, WI

Happy Birthday Tania!!  Besitos!!!!