Technically that’s not right, but I couldn’t resist.  I did get a new one.  It was no easy task since the user friendly website is anything but friendly.  It goes around in circles.  After you go from here to there, get phone numbers, talk to people whose first language is not English, just when you think you finally have the answer, they refer you back to your starting point.

I was very frustrated, any options online I would have to sign a new contract, my cell phone was already under contract and I was not up for an upgrade.  So after communicating via e-mail with a real agent (the virtual agent was no help), she told me I could order one over the phone and gave me a phone number, but she didn’t think I would be able to get any deals and that it was a better choice to go to an AT&T store.

I kept putting it off (something I do quite often), but yesterday I decided was the day I would get the phone.  Before going to the store I went to the website again – I had not kept the number they had given me, but I wanted to have it as a Plan B.  I tried to reach an agent via e-mail, but they were very busy assisting other customers – I waited and waited and got restless and started doing other things, when I came back, they had disconnected me.  I tried it again and when I didn’t answer in two seconds, they disconnected me again.  While looking for customer service I saw a series of e-mails from someone who had bought a phone at the store and they had majorly messed up their billing and months later they had not been able to get it resolved – not a good sign!

I looked for the phone number for sales and gave that a shot – and armed with that number and a lot of prayers I was able to replace my phone with a special early upgrade and I only need to pay the connection charge which they will add to my bill – I did pay for fast delivery, but that was my choice – and my new phone is charging as I write.

So…    Hey-la-day-la my cell phone’s back
                It’s not too big, but I hope it’s strong!