Aixa is the youngest of the Fantastic Five (Hernandez Fernandez cousins).  This beautiful blue eyed blonde cherub was born on February 28 – the year does not matter, what matters is that today we celebrate that very happy occasion.  My wishes for a Happy Birthday to my dear cousin and hoping she enjoys another yummy cake this year!

Aixa on her birthday last year

Itabo – Aixa is the adorable little girl to the right
Also in this picture: Adria is the cutie to the left, Esther and her husband Fabian (Tia Adela’s brother), Tia Adela, Tio Antonio, my mother and my father.  Not sure who is the boy behind Adria or the one peeking between my mother and father.

Varadero – me in a fabulous outfit*, Aixa, Layda (Esther and Fabian’s daughter) and her husband
(*I think the designer was spared the firing squad, but is still serving time in Cuba)