A few months ago while shopping at Tuesday Morning I came across a shovel. The handle of our old, rusty shovel had broken.   We needed a new one, but I felt very distressed about the reason why this purchase came to mind.  Our cat Esmeralda was close to her 19th birthday and she was looking rather frail and I thought her end was near and we would need to dig her final resting place.  She is blind and we don’t think she hears very well if at all.  She sleeps most of the day, but is ready for her meals and finds her water and, most importantly, her litter box with no problem.  But at this particular point in time it looked as if she were quickly fading.  I purchased the shovel dreading the purpose for which I bought it.

Amazingly, Esmeralda perked up to see her 19th birthday on February 27 and is still with us.  Two kittens had adopted us a few months back, two beautiful, very sweet white kittens.  Lucy who was the bold one ran in as Veronica opened the front door and made herself quite at home and a frightened Desi was found hiding in a bush and we just could not leave him there.  They both quickly adapted to our feline menagerie and were easily accepted into the fold.

Desi and Lucy

Desi took it upon himself to guard Esmeralda in her sleep and it was so endearing to see him spooning next to her giving her warmth and comfort in her dark and silent world.  He and Lucy made an amazing team, celebrating life as they played and purred their way into our hearts.

Esmeralda and Desi

Unfortunately, Desi would not be with us for very long.  Our lovely and sweet white kitten who Veronica aptly referred to as pure sugar with whiskers, passed away at only seven months.  We probably will never know the cause, but it seems to have been a heart condition.  It was a very difficult moment for me when I saw the life leaving his body on our way to the clinic.  Our shovel was put to use to dig his little grave.


I miss seeing him next to Esmeralda.  The night of his passing, Lucy came into my room, something she never does.  She snuggled next to me as I petted her and she purred.  I think she needed some reassurance and it seems she got it.  She has not come into my room since that night.