Marta Elvira

This family blog would be incomplete without an entry about Marta Elvira who was born on April 1, 1970.  She was the beautiful baby that made me an aunt for the first time.  She was Santiago and Martica’s first born, the first grandchild for the grandparents and the first niece for her aunts and uncles.  Her birth brought so much joy to all of us.  She was born in Miami while I lived in Milwaukee.  I first saw her in Milwaukee when she was 8 months old.  Due to the distance I did not see her often enough.

At 13 months

In honor of her birthday I would like to share one of my most precious memories of Marta Elvira.

We had bought a house right before my daughter Elvie was born; it was not ready to move in when we left the hospital so we stayed at Mima’s apartment.  Since Martica’s mother was having surgery at that time, Martica was in Milwaukee with Marta Elvira and Mary Loly.  Marta Elvira was 20 months old at the time.  They came to visit and I was in the bedroom with Elvie in my arms.  Marta Elvira came in and stood next to us.  She kept looking at Elvie and then looking at me and smiling.  Then suddenly she ran out of the room.  She came back with her teddy bear and placed it next to Elvie.  This was a sign of a generous heart that sadly would stop beating at the tender age of 5.

In her short life she touched so many hearts and our family has the privilege of having a very special angel to guide our way to Heaven.