I love this picture of my cousin Pancho.  It describes him so much better than words ever could.  It also reminds me of the time when he was preparing a big pot of chili at my sister’s house and every time he went to stir it, she had washed and put away the spoon.

One time when Pancho was going to college in the U.S. and I was spending a few days with Tia Irmina and Tio Pepito, two of his classmates who were visiting Cuba stopped by to say hello to them.  They kept talking about Jose and I kept wondering who in the world was this Jose.  Tia Irmina, noticing my confusion, turned to me and said “Jose is Pancho.”  That was when I found out that his name was Jose Rafael.

Pancho, mi amor, mi querer, mi fotingo de alquiler – te quiero y te deseo un feliz cumpleaños – Besitos!!!!

Still handsome – you can see that spark even with the sunglasses.