My mother and me with my two daughters, Elvie and Veronica

Today in the United States and other countries, including Cuba where I was born, we honor mothers.  The bond of a mother and a child is unique.   The biological side of it is amazing.  A new life protected and nurtured by the mother’s own body.  The next step of motherhood, the actual caring and raising of that child is of utmost importance.  Whether the mother gives birth to or adopts the child, the nurturing during those early years will form the foundation to carry that child to adulthood.

There is no instruction manual or formula to being a good mother.  There are no blueprints.  So let’s celebrate our mothers for the individuals that they are or were.  Let’s proudly embrace the privilege and the joys and sorrows of motherhood.

My gradmother-in-law (Paulina Dittrich), me and my mother-in-law (Aurelia Ebert)

Last year for Mothers Day I posted the following message in Facebook in honor of my mother:

I miss your spark, your storytelling, your amazing memory, your passion for politics, baseball and poetry, our many arguments, even your lectures. God made you strong and willful to prepare you for your mission in life. Now you rest in the peace of His everlasting love. Te quiero Mima. Happy Mothers’ Day!

My grandmother (Elvira Garcia) and my mother (Mima)