I happened to be in a month long visit with Teresita and family at the time of Victor’s birth – August 17.  Just a few days later Teresita had a birthday.  I remember taking a bus to go into town with her shortly after.   In a simple black dress she looked stunning and no one would suspect she had just had a baby.  She got her share of appreciative looks from gentlemen driving by as we waited for the bus.

During my stay there were other visitors including her cousin Gustavo Calleja (Santaballa side).  One evening after having had a couple of drinks and feeling rather happy, Gustavo commented on Teresita’s good looks.  He said that she kept looking better and better with age.  He kept saying “We, the Santaballas, age very nicely.”  He was right, the Santaballas do age very nicely indeed.  But so do the Hernandez – Teresita got a double dose.

Happy birthday to my dear cousin Teresita – may you keep aging nicely for many years to come.