The Legend

Happy Birthday Clara Rosa Weisflog (nee Gonzalez) and better known to me as my cousin Clarita.

Clarita certainly made her mark in this world as a child.  The stories of her  mischief are legendary.  She and Wichy were born the same year and as the story goes, there was a great pinching war at their first meeting after which they became great pals and partners in crime.

Together they sat by the living room window of our house.   From there you could see the top of the heads of passersby as they walked on the sidewalk.  They were having a great deal of fun until someone knocked at our door and let my mother know that they were pulling people’s hair as they passed by our window.

Years later in Milwaukee Clara stayed with us for a couple of years until her parents came to the United States.  Although by then she was a teenager she still had the knack for getting herself into unusual situations including walking into the boys locker room in school, running out terribly embarrassed only to go back in through another door.  God in his wisdom helped my mother get us into an all-girl Catholic school.  Together she and I survived the nuns, Miss Katz and shorthand while getting into all kinds of trouble with my mother.

Colgate, Wisconsin – at the Melville’s during Fernando Ortiz’ visit

In the winter she and I would walk to the bus top on the icy sidewalks.  She would pass me sliding playfully, having a lot of fun while I walked very slowly and carefully for fear of falling.  Suddenly I would find myself looking up from the ground, my books flying up in the air and I would see Clara laughing merrily at the very humorous sight.  Although we did clash at times our bond grew strong.  I count Clara among the people that truly know me and perhaps even understand me.

Clara and me – school days

Although I don’t see her often, she holds a very special place in my heart.

Clara, I wish you happiness on your birthday and every day.  May you enjoy the love of your two beautiful daughters and six very good looking grandchildren for many years to come.