In New York

In less than two months my daughter Veronica will be marrying Patricio Padua.  He has been a presence in our lives for a few years.  He shared in my very first trip to New York, traveled to Chile with us for a wedding and an awesome week touring that lovely country, ringing in the New Year there then on to Argentina.   Last year he joined us for a weekend in Key West.  Once we were back in Miami and a day prior to his return home, I suffered a heart attack.  It was a blessing he was here to offer his support.  He helped my daughters, especially Veronica,  through a very trying time for them.

Vineyard in Chile

Today, on his birthday I would like to wish my future son-in-law a very happy and blessed day.  I look forward to his birthday next year when he will be officially my son.

I love you Patricio!

God bless you,