At a time in my life where my usefulness seemed questionable, my reason for existence hazy and a feeling I was becoming obsolete overwhelmed me, the love of a very special bunny brought back some purpose.  His little dances as I brought him his salads, his adorable begs for treats filled my heart with unexpected joy.

He had been with us for eight years, but he had his beloved companion, Lady Boo, to keep him happy.  At the time of Lady Boo’s passing, I was retired and able to give E.B. the extra attention he so greatly needed.  But just a few weeks before our move to Maryland his health began to fail.  He could no longer hop happily about.  As his health deteriorated he needed more attention which I was thankfully able to give and our bond became stronger.

He was able to communicate his preference as I offered him carrots, apples and parsley.  He would either take what he wanted or push it away with his nose.  I came to understand that at times when he rejected food and drink, he just wanted to be cleaned and given a fresh blanket.

I truly did not think he would make it to our move, but he did.  In an SUV packed with our cats in their carriers and some of our belongings, my daughters and I ventured from Miami to Maryland with E.B. in my arms wrapped in a blanket.  My daughters went back so they could be there for the moving van while I stayed in Maryland looking after the cats and E.B.

Elvie had bought E.B. a hammock-like little bed to ease any pressure so he could be comfortable.  At night I would have it upstairs in my bedroom.  During the day I would move it so I could keep him close by.  I would take time to hold him and sing to him.  Veronica told me he really liked “Close to You” and I would either sing it for him or play the Youtube version by the Carpenters – much better than my singing!!

The girls returned with the move and although E.B.’s condition got worse he was still bravely hanging on.   He was only able to drink apple juice and eat very diluted baby food. His breathing was labored so I would prop him up in his bed to make it easier.  At this point I could only move him carefully to change his bedding.  I put his little bed on mine and all of us would check on him during the day.  You could see his ears perk up when he heard someone near.  I would sleep next to him and on his last night I’d wake up and hear him gasping for air.  I would try to reassure him.  I prayed and told him it was OK to let go.   I dozed off and when I woke up he was gone.

We buried him and although he is no longer here, I can still feel his love.  Love lives on and I believe it goes on in Heaven.  I hope and pray I will get there some day and, who knows? –  there may be a very special bunny waiting for me.

8562729279_e2590f5fb7_cE.B.’s resting place – winter

8699491340_0cf838c90e_cE.B’s resting place – spring

mosaicf6d84827990d72e4ad47bb8ab0563d600680fcf1E.B’s resting place in Veronica & Patricio’s beautiful garden