Trying to begin the next chapter of my life, but it looks like I have writer’s block.  In the process I have been analyzing some songs and the feelings they evoked in my youth and how I view them now.

Those Were the Days -I loved this song when it came out – it was fun to sing along.  But I was still singing and dancing and dreaming of the possibilities my future held.  Today the verse that stands out:  “Oh my friends we are older, but not wiser for in our hearts the dreams are still the same.”

The Party is Over – This song made me sad – the let down after a great moment.  But today I feel you should not cry because it is over, but rejoice because it happened.

Is That All There Is? – When this song came out I hated it.  I thought it was so pessimistic and after all I was just out of my teens.  It made me dislike Peggy Lee profusely which was a shame because it took me years before I could enjoy her awesome talent.  But now I understand the song and if I did not have faith in a loving God who is preparing my soul for the next life, I would be singing it too.

That’s Life – Now here is my go to song when I need to bounce back.

Start All Over Again – And this is the ultimate song to brighten my outlook.