MEMORIESEntre les Trous de la Memoire by Dominique Appia

There are countless reasons for memory loss, but it seems to be a fact of aging.  Of course, my theory is that through the years we collect so many memories that we need to store some, bring some forward and it would be nice if some could be deleted.  It is not memory loss, it is data overload.  Let’s store the ones that we may need to recall, bring forward the pleasant ones and pray that we can delete those we regret the most.  Let’s follow Elizabeth Bennet’s advice to Mr. Darcy:  “Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”

P&PElizabeth Bennet (Elizabeth Garvie) and Mr. Darcy (David Rintoul)
1980 BBC Pride and Prejudice Miniseries (my favorite P&P production)