Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary.  This is one of my favorite Catholic devotions.   Praying the rosary brings peace to my soul.

I carried my very first rosary for my First Holy Communion.  That was a traumatic day for me.  I had my mother, aunts and what seemed like a dozen women fussing over my dress and veil.  I got to the church late after all the others had walked in, so I had to find my way to my assigned place in the midst of long white dresses as cumbersome as mine.  I carried a white bag made of the same material as my dress.  In it were a prayer book and a beautiful white rosary.  Somehow during the mass I dropped my rosary and was not able to recover it.  I had yet to learn how to pray the rosary.

2342978884_7de3108257_zMy First Holy Communion picture taken a few months later with a substitute rosary

Years later when I learned how to pray it, I would borrow a black rosary from my brother Wichy when we went to church.  It was oversized for a little girl.  One of my mother’s customers would see me praying it in church.  Her name was Gladiola and I would see her often at my mother’s beauty shop.  One day she brought me a beautiful pearl rosary just the right size for a little girl of ten.  She had it blessed by the Bishop of Matanzas who happened to be her godfather and from whose hands I received my First Communion.  This was such a lovely gesture.

2297730376_3f2a5742e3_oI found this picture of Gladiola among my mother’s pictures

I brought the rosary with me from Cuba.  I would pray it when I went to bed and would put it in my pajama pocket when I was done.  For some reason one day my mother decided to go to the Laundromat  – my sister and my cousin Clara can attest that this was most unusual as we were the ones that would always go.  Come to think of it, that was the only time I remember her going.  Anyhow, when I came home from school I found out she had washed my pajamas and my rosary was gone.  I ran to the Laundromat and looked in every washer and dryer, but it was nowhere to be found.

Through the years I have had many rosaries and rosary rings – I’ve lost some while praying in the train on the way to work, some have just fallen apart.  For a while I got out of the habit of praying the rosary every night, but have resumed the practice once again.  Sometimes I fall asleep before I have finished, but it is said that your Guardian Angel will finish it for you.

This year for my birthday Veronica and Patricio gave me a pearl rosary and it is just the right size.

I pray that all the rosaries I have lost through the years may have blessed those who found them.

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