st-teresa-of-avila“The path of self-understanding must never be abandoned, for it is the bread upon which the soul is fed.” – St. Teresa of Avila

One of the things I love the most about St. Teresa of Avila is how human she was.  Her early choices may have not been made with pure love of God in mind, but they led her to a perfect union with Him.  Her triumph over her struggles is truly inspiring.

She has helped me through some tough spots in my life and I think of her as a very dear friend.  She makes very sure that you pay attention.  There is a Spanish miniseries about her life.  When it was first aired in EWTN Veronica and I wanted to watch it.  We watched part one and could not really get into it and decided not to watch the rest.  We were working in our room where we had a black and white TV set and it turned itself on when the second part began.  We turned it off and then it came back on, we tried once more and the same thing happened.  We got the message and watched it and really got into it.  When the next part was airing our cable was out.  We turned the TV on anyhow and suddenly cable was back on and we were able to watch it.  Once it was done, cable was off again.

StTminiseriesI pray she helps me in my continued path to self-understanding.