Language is such an interesting thing, a way of communication unique to humans.  Spanish is my native language and in school I was taught the very complex components, rules and exceptions that contribute to its beauty.

At 13, having moved to the United States I remember being totally clueless as I listened to my 8th grade teacher and thinking (in Spanish):  There is no way I will ever understand any of this!!  It was not easy for me, but slowly I began to learn and one day when I was a sophomore in high school as I listened to one of my teachers, I remember thinking:  How is it possible that at one time I could not understand any of this?

I am blessed to be fluent in two languages.   I love reading and being able to read in two different languages doubles the pleasure.  I can read a little French, Italian and Portuguese and only wish I could learn those languages thoroughly.

But times change and as social media spreads, new words are created and acronyms have become commonplace as a form of shorthand for social media communication.  I have fought it, but in 2013 the following words have made into the dictionary:

selfie (noun) a photograph taken of yourself, often for the purposes of posting on a social-networking website

phubbing (noun) the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at your phone instead of paying attention

In keeping with the times I propose a new acronym if one doesn’t already exist:  IYCtBTJT.*

In the meantime I have a lot to learn WBU


*If you can’t beat them, join them!