Slide1We may not be remembered.  We may never even get our 15 minutes of fame.  We are not incredibly good, but we are not notoriously evil.  We will not have a place in the annals of history.  We may be a photograph of some distant relation whose name has been forgotten.

We are the ones who go through school sitting quietly, learning enough but with no distinction, participating in this and that but with no outstanding accomplishment.  We secure a job, raise a family, get up every day to face the world and struggle to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and pay bills as best we can.  We follow our conscience in most endeavors, getting off track and back on track through the years – never having the time or the energy to pursue a cause no matter how close to our heart because our duties and responsibilities come first.

Future generations will not even know we existed – but no matter how insignificant our contribution may seem, we are the ones that keep things moving and make it possible for the remarkable to thrive.  So hurray for us and let us never be ashamed of our anonymity.