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The Beatles – February 9, 1964 – Ed Sullivan Show

Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance in the Ed Sullivan Show.  Unless you were a teenage girl on that day, you could not begin to understand the excitement and anticipation of such an event.

Well, my sister, my cousin Clara and I were teenage girls and our TV set, a relic even then, had finally sung its swan song. What were we to do?  Defeat was not in Clara’s vocabulary.  I am not sure who came up with the idea, but Clara certainly made it happen.

At that time we lived in a rented flat upstairs from probably the best landlords in history.  They had rented to a widowed Cuban lady with five children in her charge.  My oldest brother had just turned twenty, my other brother, my sister, my cousin and I were all teenagers – that group would make most landlords shudder.  They were an elderly couple who I can only assume were hard of hearing because they never complained about the noise and believe me, when our Cuban friends visited, there was noise.

There was a door in the dining room which opened to the stairs to the main floor.  We never, ever, ever opened that door, but when you are desperate and hear the sound of television, it would take a will of iron not to take a peek – and we did.  From the stairs we had a perfect view of the TV set and the top of our landlords’ heads sitting in their comfy chairs ready to watch that moment in Beatle history.

Thank God for Clara’s fearless spirit, my sister and I would never have dared, but we did get to watch that magic moment sitting on the steps, holding on to the spindles of the railing and keeping absolutely quiet which was a Herculean feat for three teenage girls watching THE BEATLES IN 1964.

BeatlesEdOur view

Thank you Lolita and Clara!