BLOWTHECANDLESIf I’m going to blow out 65 candles
I need the lungs of a 10 year old!

My grandmother died at 65 a month before my birth. When I was little I thought that was a ripe old age. But here I am where she was when I was born and I wonder what her thoughts were. She had been ill and in a lot of pain so I do believe she was ready. She left behind her ten children and thirteen grandchildren with three on the way and five yet to come. She was very much loved by those who knew her and for some reason I have always felt a great closeness to her.
The past 65 years seem like an eternity made up of several lifetimes – my childhood in Cuba, my 17 years in Milwaukee, my 30+ years in Miami and my just beginning life in Maryland. You’d think by now I’d have a clue. But actually I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. My forever birthday question has always been: What have I done with my life? This year I am going to throw it back and ask: What has my life done with me?
Let’s face it, no matter what our age, all we have is today – the thing to do is to embrace it, enjoy it and pray that we make the best of all our todays.