I think it’s only natural that as we grow old, our thoughts return to the beginning and travel back to simpler times when the days seemed long and our worries were few.
I remember lazy evenings by our front door, just sitting there and watching street vendors go by. There were the maniseros (peanut vendors) and the ice cream carts. For just one nickel you could choose to get five cucuruchos de maní (small paper cones filled with freshly roasted peanuts) or a refreshing popsicle. If you were very lucky the popsicle stick would say “vale por otro” and you could redeem it for another one.

Then there were those lovely clear and balmy evenings when nothing but a stroll would do. We would walk down Tirry all the way to the Calixto Garcia bridge and back. On the way there we would pass by the Hotel Paris. There was a gentleman who lived there and would sit in the front with his dogs – I believe they were bulldogs. I thought they looked ferocious and I feared them. I realize now that they were actually very gentle. On evenings when we were really adventurous we would cross the bridge and sit a while at the Plaza de la Vigia before walking back home.