Slide11950’s picture of the street (Tirry) where I lived

I left Cuba 52 years ago.  Through the years although I do have amazingly detailed and bizarre dreams, very seldom are they set in places of my childhood.  However, lately I have been having dreams of going down Tirry via bus.  Usually I miss my stop and have to walk back to my house.  In dreams where I actually go in the house it is empty and there is just enough light to walk through it.  In my latest dream the bus went past my house and the window bars were all vent and there was total darkness inside.  It looked as if there had been a fire and I could feel an evil menacing presence waiting to consume me.  I just kept going.

Throughout my life I have gathered wonderful memories but I also have many regrets that keep creeping into my thoughts.  Perhaps my subconscious is telling me those mistakes have been reduced to ashes and that I should learn from them, leave them in the past where they belong and move forward.