GirdleIn the 1950’s in order to give an illusion of a perfect curvaceous figure, women relied on girdles. I was encouraged by my mother, a firm believer in the power of Lycra, to make use of them during my teen years in the early and mid-60’s. Being an obedient child I followed her advice. Unfortunately I was also on the pudgy side and that presented a problem. The girdle would flatten the tummy but in turn the surplus would pop up in other unwanted areas. It was uncomfortable and required continuous adjustment throughout the day. Some time in my late teens or early 20’s I gave them up for good and have never regretted it.

I feel that at times in life problem solving can be like a girdle. You take care of one problem and think everything is fabulous and other problems pop up and we must go on with perpetual readjustment. So figuratively I am still hanging on to the girdle and I will never forget to always be grateful for the flattened tummy.