You can take the girl out of Cuba, but you can’t take Cuba out of the girl. Although I have been away from Miami for a year and a half and without easy access to all things Cuban, I know how to cook Cuban food; Goya’s frozen pastelitos are not the same as the ones from a Cuban bakery, but they are pretty darn good; the French bread from a nearby grocery store is not as good as Cuban bread, but it’s pretty darn delicious and not bad for tostadas.

Café Bustelo is available, but I don’t like going through the trouble of making it just for me and miss being able to buy a colada just about anywhere. I have been craving Cuban coffee for days and after seeing this picture in Facebook today I could no longer resist and made myself some marvelous Cuban coffee. I must say it tasted heavenly. I also shared some cortadito with Veronica. Once you are weaned on café con leche, you are hooked for life.