Slide1My mother (Dolores/Lola) was a strong woman, much admired and loved by everyone – an extremely hard act to follow. As many mother-daughter relationships, ours was complicated. Yet eleven years after her death, I still miss her. I was named after my mother’s mother (Elvira) who died one month before my birth. My father’s mother (Marina) died when he was eight years old. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of her.

Although my marriage ended in divorce, my good relationship with my mother-in-law (Aurelia Ebert) survived. She was an amazing and loving grandmother to my daughters. She has been gone for 13 years, but still a very real part of our lives. Her mother (Pauline Dittrich) was a rough and tough lady of German descent. She was truly a character. My daughters feared her a little.  My father-in-law’s mother, Mary Ebert, was a remarkable woman.  She was 91 when she died.  She lived with my in-laws and cooked the family meals up to a month before her death.  Her mind was sharp till the end.  My daughter Elvie was born one day before her 91st birthday.

Slide1We did not have the privilege of knowing my son-in-law’s mother (Margarita Padua).  I pray for the repose of her soul on this day and unite my prayers with hers for the happiness of our children.

Padua2Nothing in my entire life can compare to the challenges and joys of motherhood.