I am not exactly enjoying the heat this July. It is hard to believe I lived in Miami for over thirty years and that I actually was born and spent the first 13 years of my life in Cuba. I feel uncomfortable and cranky and look forward to the end of summer.

But I do remember when July was the perfect month. School was never my favorite thing and I looked forward to summer since the beginning of September. The Christmas and Easter breaks were wonderful, but too short for my taste. Summer was pure magic – July the peak of perfection. The past school year was history and there was another whole month ahead before the beginning of the next.  Lazy days at the beach, weekend family picnics, not to mention fun days at Pica Pica.

Slide1Summer was just as enjoyable during my teen years in Milwaukee.  No ocean near, but there were lakes and parks and it was a welcome change from the bitter winters.  As a young wife and mother summers would definitely relief some of the stress and visits to the Dittrich farm gave us a peaceful place away from the city.  Once we moved to Miami, the heat was not limited to summer, but while my daughters were still in school summers were always appreciated.  After that, except for the Fourth of July, the month just blended in with the rest with no special distinction.  I avoided the beach and the sun and would not be caught dead in a swimming suit

Slide1Maybe it’s time for me to look at July in a different light.  Perhaps it’s time to once again head for the beach and maybe even take a swim (with as much clothing as possible without risking drowning) and experience the magic that this season can bring.