Slide1“How do people make it through life without a sister?”

Sara Corpening

Slide1It is undeniable that I miss my sister. Perhaps we did not see each other often enough when I lived in Miami, but being so far away from her is not easy. I must say what I miss the most is our Topsito Mariposeo Therapy – our adventures in shopping for tops and other items of clothing.

It was not the shopping itself as often we would not find what we were looking for and many times she would buy an item only to return it at a later date. What made these outings so delightful was the time spent together talking about anything and everything. Frequently we would engage in such adventures after an enjoyable “Cousin Lunchito.” At other times we would relax with a cortadito and perhaps a tostada (unlike me she is faithful to her diet). During the ride to and from these magic moments we’d listen to music that brought back pleasant memories from our youth or childhood. We’d sing to these tunes oblivious to the fact that we both are tone deaf and not ever commenting on our lack to talent, just revisiting with the music moments we both cherished.

My wish on her birthday is that we may soon enjoy another Topsito Mariposeo in a not too distant future. My wish for her this day and always is joy and happiness wherever she goes.