“Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged” (Matthew 7:1)

I have very definite beliefs and opinions that I have acquired during the course of my life.  I don’t have the need to prove to anyone their veracity; they are very real and true to me.  Sixty five years of living with all the ups and downs, sufferings and joys along the way have led me to where I am.  At this particular time in my life I am at peace with myself.

The immediate communication through technology available today is truly amazing. I appreciate being able to reach out to friends and family so quickly. The days when letter writing or expensive phone calls were the only way to communicate with our loved ones far away were difficult. Technology has made instant communication possible. It has also made anonymous insults thrive.


It pains me to see name calling and insults so freely posted with no regard as to whom they may hurt.  Each person’s life experience is unique, even within the same family. It is impossible to judge them unless you become them. Since that could never happen, don’t jump to conclusions and assume that because someone doesn’t share your views, they are stupid and have no right to express theirs. It is possible to share our thoughts and experiences if we only listen without prejudice and without anticipating our brilliant response while the other person is talking.


Am I ever guilty of thinking that I know better than those with opposing points of view?  You bet! But it is not necessary or fair to belittle them – they have walked a different path.  Before posting something it is wise to consider other people’s feelings lest we offend someone dear to us.  It is a struggle, but neither side on any issue has the right to insult the other.