I remember when I was a little girl realizing that on New Year’s day 2000 I would be an old lady of 50 (if I lived that long). Happily I welcomed the year 2000 at a BeeGees concert.  I believe it was the last concert of the three brothers together. It was amazing and it is a great memory.

Here I am welcoming the year 2015 and although I refer to myself as an old lady, I don’t really quite understand how I got to be 65.  I remember my Tío Pepe Lino saying that each year on his birthday he would only ask for one more year, not wanting to get ahead of the game.  He died in his eighties and I will always remember him as one of the most positive people I’ve known. So on this first day of the year I will ask for one more year, request to be repeated next year.