When my brother Santiago was in high school he would constantly recite poems he was studying. He awakened in me a love for poetry. He had a book of rhymes by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer who became one of my favorite Spanish poets. I remember reading over and over a poem that depicts the death of a girl from the moment they close her eyes in her death bed through the funeral rituals and as everyone leaves after the burial. He then ponders about what happens after death, do we feel anything? is it all darkness, decay and emptiness? does the soul return to heaven? and he grieves because we walk away leaving the dead all alone and sad.

But I have faith that the dead are never alone, they go on to their true destiny where there is no more pain or loneliness and they live on here on Earth in the hearts of those who loved them.

Thirteen years ago today Santiago was buried and even though we walked away in grief, his soul is now and forever at peace.