There are few things I like more than spending a day looking at beautiful art and admiring the talent that made it possible. Today thanks to Veronica and Patricio I was able to enjoy such a day. First we went to The Museum of Women in the Arts where there is currently an exhibit of Mary in Art. It was absolutely wonderful. We took a quick look at some of their permanent works and were elated to find one Frida Kahlo self-portrait and three paintings by Remedios Varo.


We then went to the National Gallery for a lecture by Chris Siron, one of Patricio’s friends.



After a most enjoyable lunch we continued on our way through the Piero Di Cosimo exhibit – such an amazing exhibit with 44 of his paintings. Before heading back home we got to see more beautiful masterpieces, including some by very favorites –Dali, Monet and Van Gough.

Slide1We visited the Gallery shops before going home. I look forward to future visits to continue exploring the National Gallery.