Writing this blog has become a major struggle for me. I have lost sight of the reason why I began writing it in the first place. It is a means to remember people, things and events that meant a lot to me and also a way to express feelings of sadness or joy as they happen. It is a form of therapy as the aging process continues. I have been immersed in self-pity thinking that no one else really cares about it and there is no reason to keep it going.

Recent events have made me come to my senses and I realize how much I need to keep writing about my experiences. I am not a political person and had forgotten that my Cuban blood is very much still running through my veins. I cannot forget how Fidel Castro’s regime changed my life and destroyed the Cuba where I was born and lived the first thirteen years of my life.

We, the Cubans that came to this country as children because of the courage and sacrifice of our parents, must never forget what the Castro brothers have done to a once prosperous country. I know that our “rantings” fall in deaf ears and we are dismissed as “those crazy Cubans,” but I know what I saw and what I experienced and whether anyone listens or not I must tell my story.

Castros Now Castro the Two-headed Monster and Johnny and Barack are “friends.”