Christ’s crucifixion happened at a specific time in history – time as measured by the mere humans that we are. But He suffered and died for every one of our sins. I am sorry that I have contributed to his suffering and at the same I am grateful that he took on my sins so I can share in the glory of his resurrection one day.

As a Cuban and a Catholic I am confused by the Pope’s attitude towards the Castro government. He is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and thus a servant to all members in every country. His refusal to meet with Cuban dissidents baffles me. It’s not his place to tell a government what to do, but it is his place to care for his flock.

I found his acceptance of the gift of a Communist crucifix from Bolivian President Evo Morales quite disturbing.


The Castros were not going to be outdone in the gift department and they have presented him with a Christ crucified on a cross made of oars – an unspeakable insult to all the Cubans who have risked their lives at sea and to the memories of those who did not make it and whose lives ended while trying to flee their tyrannical regime.


Are these gifts as wounding to Christ as they are to me?