It has been over 30 years since I had a puppy. We have had plenty of cats and more than a few bunnies, but circumstances were not favorable for acquiring a puppy. As a matter of fact, they are are still not favorable, but as destiny would have it we now have an amazingly lovable and charming Chihuahua.

In January I received an e-mail from my friend Nona who lives in Georgia telling me that she would be getting a Chihuahua puppy. He was born on New Year’s Eve and she would be getting him around Valentine’s Day. She wanted me to help her name him and asked me for the name of a Spanish saint. I thought the perfect name would be Juan Diego. Juan Diego, of Our Lady of Guadalupe fame, was recently canonized. So I actually picked his name.

A few weeks later I got another e-mail. Nona had just taken in a rescue puppy who had been abused and who would probably lose one of his eyes. She felt she would not be able to handle two puppies and her multiple feline friends and asked me to please take Juan Diego.

Due to circumstances that would take too long to explain, my house is still not ready to move in and I and my daughter Elvie are staying with my daughter Veronica and her husband Patricio (both due to be canonized any minute now) so I could not say yes. I presented the situation to them and not only did they say yes, they volunteered to take a road trip to Savannah and pick him up along the way.

Juan Diego during road trip

So that is how Juan Diego came into our lives. A tiny bundle of energy that is wearing me out,  but bringing a lot of fun and joy into my life. But I definitely am not a puppy any more!!!

We could not find a sweater small enough for him – had to improvise with an old sock (it was cold out there)

Juan Diego’s winning smile!